Election Law & Campaign Finance

The Leonard & McCliggott Law Group is prepared to assist your campaign before, during, and after your election.  Very few attorneys and law firms in Maryland handle Election Law.  This is because practicing in this high-stakes field requires a breadth of knowledge and quick action.  You may need to file a temporary restraining order on Election Day, file for and/or observe a recount, or prevent voter suppression.  We are also able to assist you with campaign finance reporting compliance.  

Robbie Leonard has unique Election Law and Campaign Finance experience like no other attorney in Maryland.  Robbie is currently the Secretary of the Maryland Democratic Party, an elected member of the Democratic National Committee, and former Chair of the Baltimore County Democratic Party.  Robbie has also run for office in Maryland.  Robbie has been in the trenches and taken on big fights.  Our team will be immediately prepared to assist your needs. You can view L&M Law Group’s involvement in local Election Law here

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